Session: Making the world computable using Wolfram Technologies and OpenStreetMap data

Speakers: Francisco Javier Rodríguez Arias, & Nicolás Lichtmaier

Media: Video

OpenStreetMap provides the best freely available map data. Wolfram Research specializes in processing tools.

We first started integrating WolframAlpha content, which includes millions of entities, with maps generated using OSM data. However, much more is possible and we’ve started using the raw data to complement our own internal knowledge base and to create new entities. We continue looking for more ways to do so.

Later we've started to add GIS abilities to our Wolfram Language. It could already organize, sort and display all kind of information, but now it can also be used to process and display OSM data.

Wolfram Language is available from our different platforms as Mathematica and the Wolfram Programming Cloud.

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