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Welcome to the OpenStreetMap School edits tracker. In the UK we're busy mapping schools for the OpenStreetMap UK quarterly project.

This project has finished! It finished on March 31 2016

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New Starters

Number of new people getting involved over time

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date new starters user links
2016-01-018 people started:DaveF Portree Kid SomeoneElse Willumm gsimon mueschel smb1001 spatialk
2016-01-0214 people started:Amaroussi DanGregory Gregory Williams LivingWithDragons Matt Mauls Pink Duck Warofdreams bazgal crossmyloof i am tiz jpsa lakedistrict wheelmap_visitor
2016-01-0316 people started:Blumpsy Dafo43 Ian Haylock Johnmb One T RAytoun RobJN Robert Whittaker SpillerC The Maarssen Mapper Toffer12 Tom Morris brianboru mcld southglos will_p
2016-01-0411 people started:Ayresome Dasto Ginaro Hobgoblin Jez Nicholson Rhumidian SK53 Stephen_Co_Antrim brianh meadowgreen sjreynolds143
2016-01-057 people started:IrlMap Riggwelter gaz3434 moylan_e mycae-gmx robbieonsea terrytheterrapin
2016-01-068 people started:BCNorwich LeedsTracker Polarbear RAC_UK Skidle Yorvik Prestigitator notmewill sophiemccallum
2016-01-0711 people started:BarnabasBaggs Don Allertoni Fenners1984 Harry Wood James Derrick Mike Baggaley UniEagle bigalxyz123 blackadder ecatmur pmailkeey
2016-01-085 people started:EdLoach LollyMay Vincent de Phily ndm spiritofsussex
2016-01-094 people started:Fluclo FvGordon TenaciousC narboy
2016-01-1011 people started:Arthtoach Curran1980 Fledge Jean-Pierre Rondeau Lloyd Pearson Mark_S Raretrack VictorIE c0d0 chillly عقبة بن نافع
2016-01-1110 people started:Jo89195 JonS Paul Todd R0bst3r TallArnie Tomdubbs sdoerr seumas skgrange u003f
2016-01-124 people started:Nigel Greens WaltherPPK marscot rollercow
2016-01-139 people started:Bernard59118 CGT DavidKW Flubbyz3 TJS Tom Chance fitzsimons krd_mapper lsces
2016-01-146 people started:ChrissW-R1 Dr-Mx Dyserth Govanus bogzab mattfromderby
2016-01-156 people started:ACM BecontreeMapper Jord5792 pjna quaffer_rick woodpeck_repair
2016-01-162 people started:BreakfastOnToast mackerski
2016-01-172 people started:Eriks Zelenka ederyckman
2016-01-186 people started:DCM_HD Gaillyk NoelB Welshie kreuzschnabel trigpoint
2016-01-195 people started:Bob Harper ChineseJohn Crowley121 Warin61 bigboss
2016-01-205 people started:AndyJ71 Dembones Mappo dudone npfedwards
2016-01-212 people started:conor thibdrev
2016-01-225 people started:Derick Rethans Huw Waters ehm1806 jpennycook markbegbie
2016-01-234 people started:Shaun Mason SomeoneElse_Revert Stu1965 jrdx
2016-01-248 people started:Aleks-Berlin AndrewMcCarthy CamLewWri Chris Fleming Guy Paul Berry Recycler5 hamrack
2016-01-254 people started:GinaroZ RobChafer danross83 owenk23
2016-01-267 people started:SBaker15 Sailor Steve VMSMAN247 Weasel-Wiesel drnoble duncaninnes murble
2016-01-273 people started:Eric V monxton tiiiim
2016-01-284 people started:Chris Morley Parks_Trust Pethymapper cart0
2016-01-291 people started:peregrination
2016-01-302 people started:MGSpiller _yog
2016-01-314 people started:Jake945 harg iwhs srbrook
2016-02-014 people started:John Grubb Vclaw cardiffbybike rogerpgvg
2016-02-023 people started:Joe Desbonnet Mat Beard eric_
2016-02-035 people started:DSawyers Jay456 René von Tiger michaelbrown rorym
2016-02-042 people started:Arjan Sahota Ollie
2016-02-053 people started:Sam888 balorevileye jmkie
2016-02-064 people started:Ben Harris Boggedy Jack_B stev
2016-02-071 people started:SimonRedding
2016-02-081 people started:Joe E
2016-02-092 people started:alexc648 mahahahaneapneap
2016-02-102 people started:MicheleOCC sairfeet
2016-02-110 people started:
2016-02-121 people started:Thomas Greenwood
2016-02-136 people started:John Winters Pgd81 Qwertz1 UKDave foorglass geofoxx
2016-02-145 people started:Ivandor JonMinton Steven Horner ericlew thd042
2016-02-153 people started:Danno90 Jonako TPENN
2016-02-161 people started:Jothirnadh
2016-02-171 people started:Old Windsor CRT
2016-02-185 people started:Deanna Earley Glucosamine Orange Bucket ag- mfirbank
2016-02-194 people started:Abominable Snowman Simon Daw dwrj87 wvdp
2016-02-204 people started:Hillblagger KDDA Maggie_Limerick mappy123
2016-02-212 people started:MBEditatrix cityeditor1000
2016-02-222 people started:aoifemariag randomdigits
2016-02-237 people started:ArlsMur CaileighMcc Ciara91 GabPet ImagineerJack jenisehm tomtheblob
2016-02-242 people started:MikeJones89 samthecrazyman
2016-02-258 people started:01706 Loomyer Orielyle Pico4life Spicey29 abeverley dirmor paulmcd
2016-02-263 people started:Ger Walsh Timothy Seebus jochta
2016-02-272 people started:0123456789 The Rabbit Clan
2016-02-282 people started:astroskiffle iccaldwell
2016-02-294 people started:Finn01 John Embrey Mike Nolan didier2020
2016-03-015 people started:Tomfod antifuss eoinocmap mvexel smsm1
2016-03-024 people started:Cymrodor SterylMreep ppr9 stevenfeldman
2016-03-033 people started:GeneHunt avantman42 yellowbeaniegirl
2016-03-040 people started:
2016-03-054 people started:derFred htmlland lentinj shirokazan
2016-03-064 people started:Iain Bell JonOrchard Stereo user_5452
2016-03-072 people started:NuklrD poshbakerloo
2016-03-083 people started:Alex_Sheehan Essex_Boy rwendland
2016-03-090 people started:
2016-03-101 people started:pedrito1414
2016-03-112 people started:Hervé Saint-Amand Wikidata
2016-03-124 people started:CartoGer Heyheyitshay Wynndale magnunor
2016-03-135 people started:AndiBing CHSmith adjuva messpert wilbysuffolk
2016-03-143 people started:andy mackey manings mrpacmanmap
2016-03-151 people started:Cradamy
2016-03-164 people started:Bambography Davidacious col12100 extua
2016-03-171 people started:Proud Salopian
2016-03-183 people started:IceBlue02 dmgroom_ct tcdiosm
2016-03-193 people started:davespod_bing lanzelot72 skillfulturtl3
2016-03-205 people started:Keigh-Jhöe Schuey17 meandhim nickw tongro
2016-03-212 people started:Dom Weldon paulcager
2016-03-225 people started:Gyrwa Joe Pickering alterain diocles esavory214
2016-03-233 people started:PMcLaughlin SDavies paulbiv
2016-03-243 people started:Hagar793 Ted Pottage meihou
2016-03-250 people started:
2016-03-261 people started:NickJOB
2016-03-273 people started:gregrs hrushworth krispyduck
2016-03-284 people started:Hbunnet Teester helenst user_7593
2016-03-291 people started:James Bankhead
2016-03-300 people started:
2016-03-310 people started:
2016-04-010 people started:

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