Public footpath edits 2018 (uk)

For the OSMUK quarterly project on public footpaths, this is tracking edits with the designation=public_footpath tag

This project has finished! It finished on September 30 2018

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2018-07-0117 people started:Andrew Beck Angus Lurcott Chris Morley Dr-Mx Essex_Boy James_Griffiths JeffJSmith Kangaroony Map_up_Suffolk Phill87 SomeoneElse Welshie emersion ianc juergenb22 m_chelmsford user_5121
2018-07-0210 people started:BCNorwich Jack Luker John Stanworth MacLondon Robert Whittaker TonyS999 etgg jdp80 michaelinredhill nickw
2018-07-0310 people started:BernardV DaveF Gregory Williams JoCoSt Mark_Scott fcrump lonvia richardm565 sloerunner user_5452
2018-07-048 people started:Geofalke Guy Matt Carus Mike Baggaley RedGel TomJeffs atom oil zorque
2018-07-056 people started:CycleStreets Richard bigalxyz123 blackadder daveemtb fitzsimons
2018-07-0613 people started:BeardyWeirdy Ben Harris Bernardette44 Datoo MMFC Pink Duck Toby Powell-blyth UniEagle beigetable brianboru chillly guyporter highflyer74
2018-07-073 people started:CJY RobJN deathrayoperator
2018-07-088 people started:ADepic AJR-GB Cebderby JayTurnr Kalinka andrewblack jesus_army wilpin
2018-07-0915 people started:D4decca Dyserth KentCyclist Maddog Battie Twizy Tours Warofdreams anthonykirby caranteth dmgroom_ct ecatmur gormur ikillyou121 iwhs letsridebikes sobbomapper
2018-07-106 people started:Daniel Hancock Dunk3000 Modest7 SomePlaceMapperCT dudone oliver_oliver2000
2018-07-113 people started:Max-- Shorticus theid
2018-07-1210 people started:EdLoach SecondEdition2 andy mackey chippy dcon gnesss grouchouk kreuzschnabel threefoursixninefour vorsignal
2018-07-130 people started:

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