Public footpath edits 2018 (uk)

For the OSMUK quarterly project on public footpaths, this is tracking edits with the designation=public_footpath tag

This project has finished! It finished on September 30 2018

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Toby Powell-blyth has done 1 edits

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Edits by Toby Powell-blyth

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2018/07/06 09:52:32modifyway:3696525660459872 (51.4469082,-0.3014242)

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Lasted update time: July 13 2018 00:19:39.

This system was set to pick up on designation=public_footpath related edits in OpenStreetMap each minute but with a delay of several minutes, however there may also be outages causing much longer delays. If you've done some edits which you're expecting to see, wait a little while (or go do a little more!) before refreshing this page

By Harry Wood. Data live updated for this display available in csv or as an sqlite3 db file.

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